About LAR


Our work is varied, and encompasses a tremendous number of stakeholders, but our goals remain based around our core research principles. Remaining focused on our research principles enables us to be strategically consistent while being tactically brave in breaking new ground and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We can only do this by creating an innovative and open environment supported by a great team.

Why is LAR so exciting?

  • Real collaboration across multi-stakeholders.
  • High level of fiscal investment coupled with a high level of ‘leveragable’ partners and relationships.
  • Tremendous scope to investigate and apply – nothing is off limits, nothing is impossible.
  • A truly broad team and stakeholder groups – tremendous scope to develop technological solutions to traditional farming challenges.


Why is now so exciting?

  • The world’s need to feed itself continues to drive supply chains in to more innovative ways of working.
  • The environmental impact of World food production is speeding up the drive for more sustainable solutions.
  • Technology around science, engineering, AI, and robotics has the opportunity to move faster than the market – creating things that people did not even know they needed.
  • The linking of global government and NGO objectives are beginning to really resonate with some industries – renewable energy, food poverty, end to end value chains.